Design + Process  

At Scott Group, your ideas are carefully tended by our team of designers. We combine our experience, creativity, and passion for luxury fibers, and translate your ideas into one of a kind rugs and carpets. Since our entire team works under one roof, the designers serve as ambassadors of your ideas, monitoring every step to make sure the end product meets or exceeds your expectations. Along the way, we’re supported by a team of tufters, finishers, and customer service representatives, all working diligently to make sure each carpet is nothing short of perfection.


All of the fibers used in Scott Group Custom Carpets come from 100% sustainable and renewable natural sources.

New Zealand Wool
Considered the finest sheepswool in the world, this fiber offers beauty, warmth, and durability along with the remarkable benefits of being easy to clean, fire-resistant, and able to remove contaminants from the air.

Legendary softness and warmth are the hallmarks of this pure luxury fiber. Harvested from the downy undercoat of the Cashmere goat, cashmere adds an incomparable cushioning sensation to every step. 

The Ultimate Oooh Factor

Mulberry Silk
Valued for over 5,000 years, silk is derived from the cocoons of mulberry-fed silkworms. Known for its natural sheen, lightness, and warmth, silk is also the strongest natural fiber
in the world.

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